My Laser Store is the right venue for you online where you can explore a wide range of anatomical charts and models. These anatomical charts and models display human anatomy from different views. These anatomical charts and models can be used at the medical colleges and facilities to showcase the human body from different viewpoints. Surely these anatomical charts and models are great on the use and now you can avail them in the best price right at this online store.

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Anatomical Models -Hand Skeleton Model with Ligaments & Muscles

New anatomy app called 3B Smart Anatomy now included for FREE with Hand Skeleton Model with Ligaments & Muscles.Every original 3B Scientific anatomy model now includes these additional FREE features: Free access to the anatomy course 3B...

Anatomical Model - Median Section of the Head

Weight 0.99 kg Dimensions 26 x 33 x 5 cm Brand 3B Scientific   New anatomy app called 3B Smart Anatomy now included for FREE with Median Section of the Head.Every original 3B Scientific anatomy...

3B Anatomical Model - Cervical Human Spinal Column Model

Anatomical Model - Cervical Human Spinal Column Model Weight 0.69 lb Dimensions 7.5 in This real life replica of the anatomy of the cervical spinal column is a high quality model....

3B Anatomical Chart - Human Skeleton, 20 x 25in

Anatomical Chart: Human Skelton; chart measures: 20 x 25in. 50x67cm.  The chart comes Laminated, paper OR sticky back. This colorful anatomical poster details all the parts of the human skeleton....
$24.00 $22.00

3B Anatomical Chart - Lymphatic system chart 20 x 26''

Anatomical Chart - lymphatic system 20 x 26'' Poster comes in a paper or laminated format The human larynx is displayed in full color and anatomical detail on this chart....
$24.00 $22.00

Anatomical Model - Male Pelvis, 2 part

The male pelvis anatomy model is shown in median section. One half of male genital organs with bladder is shown at the normal position in the male pelvis. The rectum...

Anatomical Model - Pelvic Skeleton, female, with movable femur heads

This realistic pelvic skeleton model consists of hip bone, sacrum with coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae as well as movable symphysis. The anatomical detail of this high quality model is...

Anatomical Model - Hollow Foot (Pes Cavus)

Superficial structures of a hollow foot are shown. The internal bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves are also represented in this high quality model of a hollow foot. A great depiction...
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