Clinical Electrotherapy

Used in combination, these products work together to Increase blood circulation, stimulate muscles,  and relieve pressure for more rapid healing and better patient outcomes.
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Laser Acupuncture – Successful Therapy Concepts - Volkmar Kreisel, Michael Weber

This up-to-date book is the perfect introduction to laser acupuncture, and is therefore the ideal accompaniment to everyday practice. Whether you use a laser, laser pen, or laser shower,  all...

Mettler, Sonicator Accessory, 5cm/3.3MHz head (for 730, 992 and 994)

Soundheads fit specified Mettler ultrasound unit, can be interchanged without calibration. This applicator head has a frequency of 5cm/3.3MHz. Can be used with 730, 992 and 994 Mettler devices. Dimensions: 7"...

Laser Shower Power Twin 21, 2100 mw

The new laser showerÊPowerTwinÊ21+ now has a maximum output ofÊ2100 mW. This means that the performance has been doubled compared with the "smaller" model. 21 laser diodes irradiate an area...

Laser Shower Power Twin 21

The Laser Shower Power Twin 21 is specially designed for use on large areas. It has more power and can cover a beam area of 55 cm_ because of the...

Halo Digital Goniometer

The Halo Digital Goniometer is the next generation Digital Goniometer for Joint Measurement. It is both an inclinometer and goniometer. Single hand functionality allows physicians to support a patient's limb...
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