Medical Simulators
Medical simulators and clinical skill trainers are an effective tool in medical education. They help train students, doctors, medical personnel, nurses, rescue teams and midwives in developing the necessary skills and techniques before working with a patient. (Clinical skills trainers, Basic life support, CPR, nursing skills and patient care, Obstetrics)
Having the human patient simulator for your medical facility or for a medical college can be a great addition for these venues. Now you can buy human patient simulator in the best price from My Laser Store. This can be your ultimate venue online to explore and buy human patient simulator. While using these human patient simulators, you can help students to learn more about the human body in an effortless manner.
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Vagina Abdominal cover for PPH Trainer

The spare vaginal part and abdominal cover for the PPH Trainer P97 (1021568) and PPH Trainer P97-Module (1021567). 1021577 [XP97-004]

Pelvic Foam part for PPH Trainer P97

The spare pelvic foam part for the PPH Trainer P97 (1021568) and PPH Trainer P97- Module (1021567).

SIMoneª - Birthing Simulator

Simulate high-stress situations with the award-winning SIMoneªÊbirthing simulator!ÊUsing patented haptic response technology, SIMoneª gives trainers and students a realistic, unique, and unrivaled training experience heightened by a specially developed visual...

Model for gyn. patient education

This unique gynecological training model is ideal for demonstration purposes and for training realistic insertions of female barrier contraceptive devices, which are placed in the vaginal/cervical area. The transparent vaginal...

Male Baby-Care-Model

This Male Baby-Care-Model will never lose its patience and is very useful for pre-birth courses. Parents-to-be or the baby care trainee can perform bathing, changing, dressing and feeding simulation until...

Nurse Training Baby, New Born

The Nurse Training Baby, New Born allows users to practice both basic and medical infant care. This advanced and incredibly realistic model with male and female features includes: internal organs...

Upgrade Kit for Patient Care Manikin

This Upgrade Kit is for turning the Patient Care Manikin Basic to a Pro version. The kit includes: lung, bladder, stomach, heart, intestine and both the male and female genitals...

Patient Care Manikin Basic

The Patient Care Manikin simulates an adult, life-size patient, with interchangeable genitals. It was developed for scenario-based training of patient care and advanced nursing skills. The manikin can be positioned...
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