Evaluate alignment, posture, lateral and forward flexion and extension  precisely with these chiropractic tools.  Also perfect for school scoliosis testing.
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Baseline Posture Evaluator

Baseline posture evaluator provides accurate and repeatable measurements. Use the angle pointer to find and measure alignment. Dimensions: 23" x 10" x 14"Weight: 5 lbsUPC: 714905015044Notice: Typically ships in 1-2 days.

Baseline Scoliosis Meter - Plastic Economy

Measures the degree of rotation of a deformity of the back. Use it to screen which persons to refer for further medical evaluation. The product is 3.5" x 7.5" and...

Baseline Scoliosis Meter - Metal

Measurements can detect scoliosis and abnormal anteropostero curve. It also measures the unstable lumbosacral, cervical and thoracic curves. The scale measures in centimeters, inches, and degrees. Dimensions: 22" x 3.5" x...

Baseline Body Level

Determine whether body parts are properly aligned. Place the moveable arms on two sites. Read the amount of tilt (in degrees) from the scale. Ideal for Scoliosis screening. Dimensions: 22" x...

Baseline Posture Grid

Baseline posture evaluation instruments provide accurate and repeatable measurements. Use to evaluate posture. The plastic posture grid (25"x48") can be suspended from the ceiling or wall bracket. Set includes a...
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