Environment, stress, genetics, hormones can all influence hair loss which can be a very difficult experience for many people.


Medication like Propecia and hair implants used to be the most common go to treatments for hair loss. Recently more and more people turn to cheaper, safer and less invasive treatment options like LED light therapy.

Hair growth occurs in three phases. The first phase is the growth phase or anagen , second is the resting pahse of telongen, and the shedding phase or catagen phase is the final phase. LED light therapy stimulates metabolism in hair follicles in the second or 3 phase to switch to anagen  or growth phase

Studies have shown that LED light therapy can treat genetic forms of hair loss and cause hair to regrow in the crown area and along the hair line to fuller thicker hair. In most results can be seen in 12 to 26 weeks. 

Precautions: always follow manufacturer's recommendations. People who have migraines headache or have seizures caused by light should not use light therapy. Also people using certain medications that are supposed to avoid sun exposure should avoid LED lights.Check with your doctor if pregnant or have any implanted devices or skin cancer

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