Anatomical wall charts and posters from 3B Scientific® are ideal for teaching human anatomy, patient education and medical studies! All anatomy charts are available in 19.7 x 26.6 in (50 x 67 cm) unless otherwise stated. An excellent addition to anatomical models in the classroom or doctors office. 

Available in 3 versions, paper, laminated and many also come as STICKYcharts. Posters are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and several other languages.
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3B Anatomical Chart - Stroke Chart 20 x2 6''

Anatomical Chart: Stroke; chart  Chart comes in laminated OR paper format This poster contains images and useful information about the causes, effects,  and possible treatments for strokes. In this chart...

3B Anatomical Chart - Sports Injuries, 20 x 26''

Anatomical Chart - sports injuries, 20 x 26'' The chart comes Laminated, Paper OR sticky back This colorful anatomical chart displays several injuries common to sports. The anatomy of the...
$35.50 $22.00

3B Anatomical Chart - human skull 20 x 25in

Anatomical Chart: Human Skull; chart measures: 20x25in. 50x67cm.  Chart comes Laminated, paper OR Sticky back This colorful anatomical chart illustrates the human skull in full detail. This thickly laminated anatomical...
$24.00 $22.00

3B Anatomical Chart - Shoulder & Elbow 20 x 26in

Anatomical Chart: Shoulder & Elbow; chart measures: 20x26in. 50x67cm. This Chart comes in a Laminated OR paper format With bright colors and accurate anatomical drawings this poster presents a detailed...
$35.00 $22.00

3B Anatomical Chart - Rheumatic Diseases 20 x 26''

Anatomical Chart: Rheumatic Diseases; chart measures:  (20x26'') 50x67cm  This chart comes in a laminated OR paper format This rheumatic disease chart shows the anatomy of this disease in colorful detail. Other...

3B Anatomical Chart - hip & pelvis 19.7 x 26.4 in

Anatomical Chart - hip & pelvis 19.7 x 26.4 in The Chart comes in  Laminated OR Paper format This colorful anatomical chart illustrates the anatomy of the human pelvis and hip....
$26.00 $22.00

3B Anatomical Chart - Parkinson's Disease- laminated 20x26''

Anatomical Chart: Parkinson's Disease; chart measures: 50x67cm. Laminated. Parkinson's Disease is a life changing condition. This anatomical chart presents useful information about it. Clinical signs, therapy, causes and other information...
$35.00 $30.00

3B Anatomical Chart - Osteoporosis 20 x 25in

Anatomical Chart: Osteoporosis; chart measures: 20x25in. 50x67cm.  This chart comes on Paper OR Laminated format The anatomical chart is thickly laminated and is printed on premium glossy (200 g) UV resistant...
$35.50 $22.00
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